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…I feel it’s only as I leave these imprints in others that my own father’s legacy will be truly fulfilled.

From my perspective, 2018 wasn’t a great year for parents. My Mum passed away in February after a relatively short illness and less than nine months later, in December, my Dad died unexpectedly - a day before he, my brother and I were to head away for a sailing trip.

Before you start feeling sorry for me, I feel incredibly blessed to have had a great relationship with Mum and Dad, and grateful that they were both well into their 80’s before they went to be with the Lord. But losing them from this earth in quick succession has had me thinking about the legacy they have left me, particularly my Dad. I’m certainly not talking about a financial inheritance; that’s been the last thing on my mind. Rather, it’s the intangible feelings and thoughts, plus the inherent thinking and habits ingrained in me that give me pause.

I’ve found I can see my Dad, particularly, in so many things; for example, I’ve got a cam belt to replace on my vehicle and Dad would have helped with that. The very fact I can do the replacement myself is down to what he taught me. I’ve just seen the Cable Car Museum in San Francisco; Dad would have had a good chat with me about the cable grabbing mechanism and many of the other mechanical aspects. Barely a day goes by when I don’t think of Dad and how he has left an indelible imprint of himself on my soul.

It causes me to think: what imprint am I leaving on my family? My sons and Michelle? Those around me at work and in church? Will they, as I am because of my Dad, be better people and kinder human beings? Will they desire to know God more? Will they be curious and fascinated with life? Will they look to bring out the best in others? I earnestly pray the answer to all these is yes - because strangely, I feel it’s only as I leave these imprints in others that my own father’s legacy will be truly fulfilled. And it’s no surprise that I believe God wants the same of all those who call Him Father, too.

Thank you, Mum and Dad, for the legacy you’ve left in my life. Whether you realised it or not, you beautifully reflected the Father heart of God for His children, and I’m so blessed to be your - and His son.

Paul Hubble
South Production Manager

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