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I still remember the kind, elderly lady who gave me my first opportunity to serve in church…

I still remember the kind, elderly lady who gave me my first opportunity to serve in church on Sundays. Her name was Una, and she would patiently teach me how to read music and play my brass trumpet along with her organ. It was a small church with an ageing population, and I was one of very few children in attendance. To be able to offer my gift (albeit a very limited, sometimes pitchy, and out-of-time gift) blessed and awakened in me a passion for serving in church that has never left!

2 Years ago, after 10 years in banking, I was asked to join the staff team at LIFE Melbourne; I cried with joy and felt like I was floating on clouds for days. I can still truthfully say that I pinch myself regularly to think that I can call “what I do for work” something that I have gladly done for love, at every opportunity around my previous studies and day jobs. 

Part of my role here in Melbourne is to help people get connected into Groups, and find their fit through NEXT STEPS. I get to make phone calls to people and love to hear about their different journeys and what bought them to LIFE. Often it is through the bleakest and darkest times that people have come seeking to meet or re-connect with God. I love being able to connect these people from all different walks, life stages and demographics with Group Leaders, who through opening their homes and giving their time, will help nurture the gold in them. It brings me crazy-joy to see people I met or called when they first came, sometimes completely unaware of the God-deposit inside of them, now operating in their gift and surrounded by a loving church family.

My wonderful, organ playing friend Una, entered eternity before I even made it to high school, but I look forward to the day where we will be together once more. I will tell her how the opportunity she gave me was instrumental in me finding my own calling - "serving His House for all my days" and how this has since led me to help others find, and be released into their own unique parts to play in His beautiful Church.


Jasmine Mazzocchetti
Next Steps | People Co-ordinator 
LIFE Melbourne

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