An Eternal Legacy - Genevieve Wedgwood


…I believe that a brilliant example of a legacy in action is the godly advice a mother passes down to her children.

Legacy… what is a legacy?  

The Cambridge English Dictionary defines a legacy as: “Something that is a part of your history or that remains from an earlier time”.  

Interestingly, the original word for legacy was ‘legatus’, which was a medieval Latin term used to describe ‘a person who is delegated’.  

Perhaps we could say that a legacy is a delegation that is passed down throughout the generations.  

In political terms, a delegate is a person who has been selected to represent a party or nation. The legacy a political delegate leaves behind is the political concreting of their representee’s future, domain, and prominence.  

On a smaller scale, I believe that a brilliant example of a legacy in action is the godly advice a mother passes down to her children. 

My mum is an incredible mum to 6 home-schooled kids. Regardless of her kids’ ever-changing ages and stages, she masterfully dedicates individual time to them to discuss, encourage, and listen to the most prevalent things that concern them. Through such conversation, a nugget of godly wisdom she passed on to me when I was younger is what Jesus gave to His disciples - His delegates - in Luke chapter 12: 

 “But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and then all these things shall be given unto you”.  

And that’s exactly what she told me… to ‘seek God first with ALL your heart, ALL your soul, ALL your mind and ALL your strength, and everything else will follow’.  

This piece of advice is really a commandment. With it there is tied a response; following this, a responsibility, -which is a delegation to represent it wherever I may go and in all that I do. 

As Christians, we may not be political delegates who represent a nation’s hopes and dreams; we may not leave behind a prestigious nation or a trail of political greatness, but we have been grafted into the olive tree and now represent God’s truth and love to the world. The godly advice a mother passes onto her children is an eternal legacy that corresponds with the delegation God gives them. I imagine that in the Kingdom of God, that would probably sound like a resonating echo that resounds in the generations here, now, and those to come. 

Genevieve Wedgwood
LIFE Leadership College

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