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…an investment that will last beyond me and impact more than my personal sphere of influence.

What is a legacy?  It’s about doing something with my life, time and money that will outlive me.  What mark will I leave on this earth? How will I be remembered? And I putting myself aside and what can I do through my life that will impact generations beyond me?

When I think of the people I’ve come across who have left a legacy, one person I think of is Hugh Green, the founder of the Hugh Green Group.  Leaving Ireland at 17 with some farming experience but no qualifications, he moved first to Australia and then to New Zealand 4 years later when the Australian economy slumped.  Through hard work, entrepreneurship, business partnerships and smart investment, he passed away in 2012 leaving behind hectares of residential sections his companies had developed, with many more landholdings still to be developed, and with shares in multiple other companies. He was a successful businessman, but he was also a philanthropist, starting the Hugh Green Foundation, which supports community groups and charities.

Hugh is an example of an entrepreneur, who used what he had, worked hard and invested wisely, and who had an outlook greater than himself: a heart to give and invest in others. 

When I translate that to my own life, it’s a challenge to consider what I am doing that will leave a legacy that’s bigger than me. What will I invest my time and money in? Matthew 6:21 says, “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  

Therefore, it’s important to me to consider not only if an investment opportunity is wise from a financial perspective, but also, does it align with my faith and values? Will it impact more than just my life? Will it help to build the kingdom?

Socially responsible investment has become popular globally, reflecting a global interest in businesses that has sustainable and “moral” products and processes, products and businesses that will enhance (or at the very least not destroy) the world we live in. This is a reflection of people and businesses thinking beyond themselves, to what their impact on the world around them will be, what their legacy will be. 

Investing into LIFE’s Legacy initiatives that are impacting the community with the love of God, improving the health and wellbeing of the communities we live in, teaching financial skills through programs like CAP and sharing the good news of salvation, is an investment that will last beyond me and impact more than my personal sphere of influence.  

When we all play our part and invest what we have (whether that’s a lot or a little) and trust God to play his part, we can make a huge difference in our city, our nation and our world. That’s a legacy I want to leave.

Emma Bayly
LIFE Business

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