One Generation to Another - Emma Morris


this is where your grandad wrote a message of hope and faith

I recently had the amazing privilege of walking through the new central campus build – and what a humbling experience it was! Not only was I blown away by the size of the building, I was also taken aback when I came across a wall that was yet to be covered in plaster and paint. On this wall there were hundreds of messages and signatures from people within our congregation. Seeing these messages on the wall I had to stop. I wanted to read them all. I wanted to find mine, and more importantly I wanted to find the message my Dad (who recently passed away) wrote.

When I was 7 years old, my parents uprooted our family from the little Baptist church we were going to, to LIFE. Having gone to LIFE for so many years now, I have been able to see the growth and transformation it has gone through: from being in a different building every week, to the thousands of people it now has in attendance. LIFE has had a massive impact on my life and has played a massive part in where I am now.

I take part in Legacy as I realise that Legacy isn’t just about the ‘now’, but it’s also about the future. My children will go to church in LIFE Central. They will be in the building that their parents and their grandparents played a small part in building. This is about one generation giving to another. And one day, I will be able to take my child’s hand to that wall I saw. I’ll say to them: this is where your grandad wrote a message of hope and faith, where he stood in the gap for your generation and for the many generations to come.

Emma Morris
Communications Coordinator


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