God That Supplies - Brenden Michel


generosity is often most powerful in the small and simple acts

Each year I’m always excited and challenged by the season of Legacy and what I can contribute.

I was fortunate to grow up in an environment where the importance of legacy was instilled in me. In my childhood, I can remember countless examples of the generosity of my grandparents and parents. Their examples provided a great foundation for me to understand the importance of Legacy and how we can positively impact people.

Two stories stand out for me, in learning to always be grateful for what I have and being generous with my time and resources to others.

Firstly, I remember travelling to see my Grandparents during the school holidays. My Grandpa would take me and my brother to the local grocery store. He’d tell us to pick one item in the store, whatever we desired! Looking back on this I always remember the joy & wonder of being able to pick out my favourite bag of liquorice allsorts. It was a simple gesture and yet it taught me the valuable lesson that generosity is often most powerful in the small and simple acts that all of us can be empowered to do for others.

The second story I remember is my parents picking up the leftover bread from the bakery every Saturday afternoon and dropping it off to local families in need. My brother and I were always in the back seat and I remember the boredom of going house to house, we didn’t have iPhones in those days! My dad was always observant and in talking to one family, they told him that their fridge had just stopped working. I recall Dad having a quick chat with mum and later that evening he discreetly dropped off an envelope with cash in their letterbox. In reflecting back on this story, it reinforces the significance of being available and open to being generous to those around us, and not only helping those we know well. The importance of legacy has been passed down and I'm now the third generation to understand the importance of living a big life to impact others.

For me the excitement of Legacy comes from being planted in my local church. I love seeing how my faith can be added to the big vision of LIFE, and that it goes far beyond what I could personally envision to impact within our amazing city and the world beyond. 

For me the challenge this Legacy season comes in balancing my families goals (wife Angela, Jonas 5 and Ayla 2) with an eternal view. Am I looking to only fulfil our family needs or looking beyond? Do my own kids see us living for God and planting the seeds for the generations to come? In doing this I ask God, what would you have us commit to now? Not based on yesterday’s revelation or putting it on hold because it’s not a convenient time, I can assure you it never is! Here and now what would God have me do?

I love the passage found in 2 Corinthians 9:10, 'now He who supplies seed to the sower'. I constantly need to remind myself that it’s always God that supplies the seed. I need to constantly remind myself that everything I’ve been given is from Him and I'll ask the question again for this year's Legacy, what would you have us do right now? I want our family to live with kingdom first mindset for not only my kids, but for more importantly for those yet to know Him.

Brendan Michel
LIFE Melbourne

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