God’s Purpose - Tiff McConnell


living in constant adoration and


awe of who our God is and what


He is doing

Ministry for me isn’t held in silo.  Just like the church is a body, and we all have our own part to play for it to function in good health - I see ministry in the same light.  I don’t think I’m called necessarily to serve in one area but in any and every area that has need.  At a Sunday service, it is my privilege to lead people in worship.  I’ve been doing so now for about 2 years.  Worship for me is a posture.  It’s a way of living.  It’s living in constant adoration and awe of who our God is and what He’s doing.  When I lead worship, not only do I have the opportunity to help draw people into God’s presence, but it comes from an overflow of the gratitude that I have for my King.  

Sometimes people know you for what they “see from a distance”.  Which understandably, might often be what is seen from the platform.  But I find equal fulfilment in serving God’s house away from the platform, whether it be meeting and loving on new people after a church service, leading a connect group mid-week or reaching out to meet community needs (i.e. our LIFE Christmas Box initiative!).  One of my greatest joys in life is to see people find their purpose - to help people find their God-shape and the part they’re created to play in building His Kingdom.  There’s nothing more satisfying than to know that you’re living out God’s purpose for your life - so to be a part of helping people find that, is my utmost privilege!

Another great reward I find in ministry, is the part I play out in the world, whether that be by reaching those in my workplace, my netball team or my friendship circles.  There is a world out there in need, and if I don’t take the time to love them, then some may never be given the opportunity to meet the only one that can meet their every need - the one and only… JESUS!  

In the end, I am God’s ambassador here on earth and my mandate is to impact and change a generation with the reality of Jesus.  What better way to leave this legacy, than through HIS CHURCH! 

Tiff McConnell

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