Open And Available - Tim Segedin


The key is being open and available to others

For me the greatest aspect of ministry is the small part I get to play in individuals stories. I love that through Church we get to meet so many people and be part of so many lives. Over time I have had the privilege to watch numerous people who I have been involved with start to fulfill their potential and build successful lives.  My involvement with them could have been as simple as a conversation or encouragement in a foyer on a Sunday or years spent investing into someone’s life in a Group setting. 

It’s actually something that everyone can do.  The key is being open and available to others and when we do this God can do amazing things. Open and available could be creating a welcoming environment where a Group can meet catch up and pray for each other or simply look like turning up to Church early to make room for a conversation with a new person.  I love how Matthew 5:16 puts it “keep open house be generous with your lives. By opening up to others, you’ll prompt people to open up with God, this generous Father in heaven”.

As simple as it sounds it can be challenging to achieve with the full lives we lead and the multitude of competing priorities for our time.  It’s something that won’t just happen and needs intentional action and ongoing reevaluation. That’s why for me Groups and Sunday services are so essential as they are rocks in our weeks where we ensure there is a focus on coming together.

Tim Segedin
People Teams Oversight

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