More Than A Building - Tim Segedin


...Church is so much more than a building...

My background is in civil engineering, I have always loved big structures.  I loved spending time in Europe and walking amongst the amazing buildings like St Paul’s in London and St Peters in the Vatican city, buildings which to this day set the Church as center place in a city.  These buildings were designed to glorify God and have stood for generations. While their original builders lived 100s of years ago and their individual names are long forgotten, their legacy stands strong.  And while the Church is so much more than a building, a physical structure does create a foundation and does attract attention and can glorify God. 

I consider it a privilege to now get to be part of one of the most significant building projects in the city at the moment.  This is a project which is gaining industry attention and recognition for its position, scale and aesthetic design. It has been prophesied that it will be a center for the arts.  Internally it will be magnificent and walking into the auditorium will create a wow moment.

It will be a building that will outlive me, and it's position, stature, and what will take place within it will continue to glorify God for generations.

Tim Segedin
People Teams Oversight

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