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giving back not only to God, but to the things that His heart beats for.

LEGACY to me, is all about the very meaning of the word. As part of God’s house, His church, His bride - we are seed carriers. As seed carriers we have the opportunity to leave a LEGACY not only for our own generation, but the next. I believe that how we carry that seed, and what we do with it, has a direct impact on the lives that follow ours. LEGACY at LIFE is about taking what’s in our hand today, using it to see God glorified and using it to see the lives around us changed for eternity. It’s about giving back not only to God, but to the things that His heart beats for.  

Personally speaking, I am super passionate about two things: building God’s church, and sharing the hope of the world (JESUS) with those in need. The seed that I sow comes in many forms, whether it be my time, my prayer, my finances - my hope is that whatever I give, it would play a part in seeing lives encounter the love of Jesus.  Growing up my pop always taught me that “you don’t take pockets into heaven Tiff, so make sure you empty them for the sake of others before you leave this earth”. I don’t want to store up treasures here on earth where moth and rust decays, I want to store up treasures in heaven where nothing decays and everything is gained. For where my treasure is, there my heart will be also, and that treasure for me is, souls.  People.  Seeing lives changed for eternity.  

I don’t know where I would be without God’s church. My life has been forever changed because of the love and support I have received from God’s house. I have not only been supported in my walk with God, but in my entire journey through life. I moved to Melbourne after finishing my law degree in QLD and all I wanted to do was find a church that I could help build and pioneer. But little did I know that I would also find a family at LIFE. I didn’t quite know how much I needed that family until I found it. Now that I have it, I can look back and see how much it has enriched my life.  I believe that life isn't meant to be walked alone. We all need a support network, a church family that can love us through the hard stuff, celebrate with us through the good stuff, and challenge us in times where we need accountability. 

As an aside, I’ve encountered a bit of a bonus in my journey at LIFE... because I also met my “now husband” along the way.. #WINNING! ;)

Tiff McConnell

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