Journey Of A Seed Carrier - Q&A With Samantha Gwyn


Legacy is 'Exemplifying God’s love to the one'

For the past 25-years, LIFE has been Samantha Gwyn’s home church, demonstrating that she has been a LEGACY seed carrier from way back.

Birth stage: 1993-1997 (LIFE started in 1991)
Samantha in her 20s and started going to LIFE
LIFE based in Newmarket at the Mandalay Centre
200+ people having morning tea after church, place of connection
Met and married husband Reuben

Growth Stage One: 1998-2002
LIFE on Sundays is transient; going from venue to venue in Auckland CBD
LIFE purchased Mt Eden Rd property, now have permanent Sunday premises
More people coming, getting fuller
Satellite churches happening in Hibiscus Coast and West Auckland
Samantha and Reuben become East Regional Pastors as they start their family
Samantha had defining God moment and knew she was called to LIFE

 Growth Stage Two: 2003-2007
LIFE purchased Montgomerie Rd property in Mangere & LIFE South started
Samantha sent out as part of East team to support LIFE South Campus
Satellite church started in East Auckland
Samantha is LIFE East Operations Manager

Next Level: 2008-2012
LIFE bought Lifeway property in Snells Beach and LIFE Warkworth started
Samantha and Reuben sent to be Campus Pastors for LIFE Warkworth
East satellite church merged with LIFE South
LIFE bought Albany property, merged Coast & West satellite churches and LIFE North started

2020 Vision: 2013-2017
LIFE Warkworth property sold
LIFE South in Manukau and LIFE Central properties purchased
Samantha and Reuben stepped in to become Central 3 Regional Pastors

2018: Samantha stepped out of Regional Pastoring, and is LIFE Community Programmes Manager

As a seed carrier of LEGACY;

To Sam, Legacy is ‘Exemplifying God’s love to the one
God’s spectrum is so broad on how that is done, whether it’s through:
·       Creating worship spaces at the new Central Campus build
·       Pastoring alongside people in their journey to wholeness
·       Serving families in need at a Soup Kitchen


 As we seed into Legacy, we are seeding into the one…


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