Labour of Love - Logan Stewart


This event was a labour of love for me personally.

My name is Logan and I am involved on the production team at LIFE.  I look after the production team at our south campus on a weekly basis, and I am also involved in bringing various production elements together for our conferences and events. I am a part of the Legacy team and I love seeing Legacy at work through what I get to do. I am passionate about creating an atmosphere of worship through production elements, and Legacy releases me and my team to do that on a regular basis.

This year I had the privilege of being part of LIFE Conference, our annual church conference which hosts guests not only from our church, but delegates and leaders from all over New Zealand, Australia, and further afield. 2018 was the first time that we had run 3 events all in one week - LIFE Conference with Master Classes, Youth Conference, and Kids Conference. For me personally, being part of the production team was a stretching and highly rewarding time, as it was for our whole creative department. I had the privilege of bringing together all of the production elements for our Youth and Kids Conferences, and also the audio systems for LIFE Conference. It’s at this point that I would like to share about my experiences at conference, and how I could vividly see this theme of Legacy at work throughout everything I got to be a part of.



This picture says it all. Children meeting with their God and worshipping in his presence. Throughout the week I heard countless stories of kids lost in worship and having an absolute blast together. This was made possible not only by the hard work of the team behind Kids Conference but also by the generous partners of Legacy, who may never have stood in this room to witness this moment but can be assured that their contribution is changing lives and building the next generation in an amazing way.


This event was a labour of love for me personally. I was privileged to help design it, build it, and see it all unfold throughout the week. For many weeks leading up to the event I sat in various creative and steering meetings, seeing what it would look like on paper and on CAD drawings. But once the first session started on the Wednesday afternoon of conference, I could not have been prepared for what I saw next. The room was filled with approximately 600 teenagers, passionately praising God and engaging with each other in a safe and fun environment, which to be honest with you can be rare these days. Throughout the various sessions at Youth Conference, young people drew closer and closer to God and made personal decisions to take on and overcome things in their life that they had been battling with. It was a time where young people stood for what they knew was right and what God was wanting to do in their lives.

Again, moments like these are only made possible through our generous partners of Legacy, who make it possible to create these environments for young to people to connect with God.


This year I had a unique experience at LIFE Conference to what I have had before. Going into the week I had a group of people on my heart that I knew God was prompting me to pray for and spend some time with. This group of people was the company whom we hire each year at conference to supply and install the PA system and other audio equipment on site. This is an exceptional group of guys, all with different backgrounds and with many years of experience in the production industry. Over the years I have loved building relationship with these guys and gaining greater understanding of their worlds and the industry they are involved in. One of the guys in particular spent the whole week with us looking after the operation and maintenance of the audio system. We had spent some time together before but this year we got to spend a lot more time together and chat through things going on in his world. Over the week I could see him soaking up the goodness of the conference environment and he came away from the week inspired and wanting to press more into God. He has a relationship with God but had been feeling distant from the church, the body of Christ, and was looking to reconnect. After praying for him throughout the weeks surrounding conference, he walked into our LIFE North campus, two Sundays after conference. He went by himself but bumped into someone he knew, which he said encouraged him to want to go again. I love how God arranges these things, that God knew exactly where he would be and lined up someone he knew to help him right where he needed it. Our God is truly amazing!

All of this to say again that none of this would be possible without the faithful investment of those involved in Legacy. Week in and week out it enables people like me to create an atmosphere where people can easily connect with God, and receive world-class teaching and input, to grow their personal relationship with God.

What I get to do would not be possible without Legacy.

Logan Stewart
South Production Manager

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