What Is In My Hand? - Jill Rangeley


What can I give that will outlive my generation...

A number of years ago I heard the story of a farmer named Duncan McNicol, an early pioneer of Clevedon. He purchased some land from the government, cleared the dense bush and reared sheep and cattle on a few paddocks. He then went on to donate 5 acres to build a church and a manse to attract a minister from Scotland to come and establish a parish and a school. This happened in the 1850’s and a hundred and fifty years later I was reaping what he had sown as I was a worshipper at the church he planted.

When I hear stories of great faith like this, it compels me to respond. And, for me, my only response can be to do likewise. I don’t have 5 acres to give but God is only asking “What is in my hand?” What do I have to give that, in God’s hand, will impact the generations still to come? What can I give that will outlive my generation, my children’s generation, my grand children’s generation?

Being a part of the Legacy offering is my opportunity to impact not just the needs of today but also the generations to come. I consider it an amazing privilege that I get to partner with others to impact the world in ways that I couldn’t think of or imagine.

Jill Rangeley
Guest Relations Manager

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