The Open Book - Jamie Wong


...stained glass windows and painted masterpieces were read as an open book...

I’ve just returned from a 3-week vacation in Europe and have lost count of the number of cathedrals I’ve visited in that time. Even more so, the number of times I exhaled the word “wow” as I marvelled at the grandeur of human effort, all for the sake of one purpose - pointing people to God. 

These buildings had a purpose far greater than protecting people from the elements. For many, this was their entire experience of the word of God. In times where illiteracy was high, the ornate stained glass windows and painted masterpieces were read as an open book, depicting stories from the Bible. They tell of Jesus’ ministry - His life, death and resurrection, so that even a child who cannot read could still witness the stories of the gospel. Everything about the building’s design and decor was intended to bring people closer to God. From the position and prestige of the altar to the ceiling frescoes that draw your gaze upward to heaven, the building itself became one of the greatest evangelical tools of its time. 

Still to this day, camera-wielding tourists like myself flock to witness these breathtaking feats of architecture and art. Hundreds of years later, these cathedrals stand as a testament to legacy. It took more than one generation to build, but many more generations have reaped the benefits from the sacrifice.

Returning home from vacation, I paid extra special attention to our building site at Normanby Road. We may not have stained glass windows, towering spires or gold-gilded anything, but the people who will call this place home will become the open book for others to witness real, life-changing faith. We’re not just constructing a building, we’re building a legacy. It is a lineage of lives changed, relationships restored and miracles witnessed.

Never lose sight of the fact that our lives play a significant part in God’s great, strategic, generational plan to see His Kingdom come and His will be done here on earth as it is in heaven. I have a conviction that Legacy is about the stories of hope, love, reconciliation and redemption that the people who call LIFE home will tell to their children, and their children’s children. Exactly as it says in Psalm 145:4, “Generation after generation stands in awe of (His) work; each one tells stories of (His) mighty acts.” The time of our generation is short, but God is greater than the breath of time we exist in. There are matters of eternal significance that will outlast you and I, and we have the opportunity to influence them now. May our days be read as an open book for others to encounter Jesus in generations to come. 

Jamie Wong
Marketing & Digital Manager

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