Q&A with James Narayan – Legacy, Seeding and Financial Leadership


My God shall supply all your needs not according to our riches BUT HIS riches...

1.     What is your life story in coming to salvation and a relationship with Jesus?

I was quite blessed to be born in a Christian family, so from a very young age or childhood days I didn’t really have a choice but to be in church on any given Sunday. It was more religion I guess, than a relationship with lots of do’s and don’ts.  Attending youth services, diving into the word, surrounded by Christians gave me more clarity and helped me develop something intimate with Jesus as I got into high school.  Then it all became a relationship with Jesus and a revelation to be in church on a Sunday rather than just doing religion.

2.     What has your journey been in coming to a revelation in the importance of tithing and in serving others?

As I developed a deeper relationship with Him, tithing to me was like going to church on a Sunday.  I wouldn’t want to miss a service as it became a revelation and likewise there was no question asked in terms of tithing.  The words became so real and like a commandment, “bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house…” Verse 8 of Malachi 3 stirred me on the inside as I was growing in my Christian faith, “Will a man rob God?” I said wow, can I, do I have the guts to rob God. I don’t want to rob God, I want to be blessed by God so I can be a blessing to others and this is where the thought came in me to serve. To him much is given much is expected.

3.     Likewise, how did God lead you in the area of giving or seeding for the future?

H4, now called Legacy played a significant role in my area of giving and seeding for the future.  It is so heartening and overwhelming to see how Life Church impacts not only our local community and the current generation but the vision it carries for tomorrow and beyond.  For Legacy and the 20/20 vision – the question I asked was – what’s my role in this, Lord what can I do for 20/20.

4.     How has God spoken to you or led you in the area of finances?  How do you seek and hear from God in your giving?

One morning I got into my prayer closet and specifically said, God I want to be part of a “Giving Ministry”.  You have blessed me with a great job, salary, house, vehicles and the list goes on, what can I do beyond my tithes.  Funny enough couple of weeks later I get an email from Life asking if I was keen to be part of the Financial Leaders.  From then on I knew there was no turning back.

5.     How has your faith, trust and relationship with God changed over this time?

There have been a few ups and downs, change in seasons as I had gone through a few job insecurity moments, a couple of job restructures but I have seen His faithfulness, grace and mercy.  Through each job restructure I have only seen an increase beyond measure even though they were unsettling times. My colleagues thought I was living in denial but deep within me God granted me peace and His words were forever reassuring.

6.     What would you say to others who are wrestling with stepping out in faith in the area of finances, giving and sowing?

One of my favourite verses where I found encouragement, Psalms 37:25 …not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread. I have so learned to trust in Him whole heartedly and live a fully surrendered life.  Not only surrendered life but surrendered finances.  God you be the Lord of my life and be the Lord of my finances.  He has seen me through the last 10 years here in NZ, with several job restructures, an increase in salary, blessed me with a house, cars and an awesome church family.

Ask the question, ‘what’s my part in the vision of the church’; ‘what can I bring to Legacy and our 20/20 vision’.  We will never be able to out give Him.  If you are struggling, remember the cattle on the thousand hills are His, every beast of the forest is His.

My God shall supply all your needs not according to our riches BUT HIS riches and glory by Christ Jesus.

James Narayan

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