Cast Your Stone - Ian Amundrud


...their decision and obedience to God has rippled far beyond what they could have imagined.

When I was a child I threw a rock at my uncle. I meant to throw it forward into the river but somehow it end up behind me. As a kid there’s nothing more entertaining than throwing rocks into the water. There’s something exhilarating about making a splash and watching the ripples spread out almost endlessly.

Fast forward to adulthood. I put a rock on Laura’s finger, and after one year of marriage made some ripples as we packed our bags and moved to New Zealand. We thought it was a working holiday saying to ourselves “We’ll stick it out for a year”. Time flies. It's been almost 3 years and we're still here. In fact, we feel right at home. We know God has called us here and can see His hand on our lives. We’re so thankful to be planted in a church that not only feels like home, but has encouraged tremendous growth in us.

Like Laura and I, there was another young couple that decided to leave home. In the 1950’s my Grandparents decided to pack their bags and become missionaries in New Zealand. In the few years they were here they reached countless families. They even expanded their own family by giving birth to my Mum in Auckland before returning to Canada. Although their time in New Zealand was short, it opened the door for me to become a New Zealand Citizen and was a major catalyst in Laura and I moving here.

I know the missions work my grandparents did while they were here made a splash. They impacted so many lives back then but their decision and obedience to God has rippled far beyond what they could have imagined. The work God started in them He’s continuing through us. What’s interesting about a ripple effect is that long after the stone has sunk to the bottom the ripples continue to travel. The decisions we make today—like a stone thrown into the water—ripple almost endlessly into tomorrow.

Ian Amundrud
Digital Marketing Content Creator

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