Rebuilding The Ruins - Joelle Kabamba


God is saying we will rebuild the ancient ruins and we will restore desolate places for His people

How has LIFE changed your world?

As a believer I've always loved to believe in God’s house. I believe where we are positioned and where we planted God said we will flourish so I love his house because He loves His house, the bible says it is He who builds it and I feel privileged I can come along side what God is doing and engage with that.

LIFE has been an amazing church which I have been a part of for over 4 years now, I love the vision of the church and I love that it’s also about building God’s house. One of the scriptures that has always been a strong stance in my life is Isaiah 61 where God is saying we will rebuild the ancient ruins and we will restore desolate places for His people, I believe He is calling us to do that.

I find that being a part of LIFE, being a part of God's house, is all about rebuilding the ruins and bringing back to life what has been stolen by the works of the enemy in people’s lives.

Why do you personally feel encouraged to be a part of building LIFE?

It’s great to be surrounded by people who are like minded, that believe in the vision, the bigger picture of God and His vision for the world which is the Church.

In your role, what do you do and what is the real difference that you’re making?

It’s really exciting to be part of the team that believes in community. I believe the message of the Gospel is about people, and it’s about reaching out to the community. I love being a part of LIFE and currently leading in the Community Department here in Melbourne as the CAP Assistant and Community Leader.

One of the areas we have recently pioneered in Melbourne is CAP. In CAP we have debt help, job clubs, and soon to have this coming month is CAP Money. I personally believe one of the greatest debilitating strongholds in our modern day is in the area of finance and debt. To be positioned in a community at such a time to be able to bring financial freedom to people through the different initiatives that we have, through CAP I think would see us lead a team of people in the community that are not just set free financially but also set free spiritually.

There is a scripture in 1 Kings 17 that talks about going to take ground and going to take territory that belongs to us and I believe as we take the time to pioneer particularly in this space, we would see that happening not just financially but also spiritually. I believe in God winning families, not just individuals but family units coming to Christ because they’ve been set free financially. Seeing the likes of who they are in God and whose they are is very exciting in the season we are living in. We want to remove the stigma of shame that comes with this area of finance and we want to see every initiative in our community thrive because God's hand is on it.

What’s really exciting about Legacy is seeing what happened last year, putting out the vision for what we wanted to do for the community. CAP for example is a result of that now.
I’m part of CAP for two days a week. Here I am able to go out into the community and position myself to draw people back into Gods house, to His vision. That vision is that he loves them, that He has a purpose and a future for them. Being able to join hands with people can collectively bring change into the community. I love what Legacy stands for. We can’t do what we want in the community without the resources that come through Legacy so it is an exciting time where we need to be intentional and focused on the next level God wants us to step into. I really believe during this time the importance of praying and fasting because were going against spiritual warfare. As I mentioned earlier the greatest debilitating area in today’s modern world is the area of finance. It’s about us opening up heaven and praying for our community to be set free.


Joelle Kabamba
LIFE Melbourne

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