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From the moment I lifted my hand I knew I was never going to be the same

Since coming to LIFE in February of 2005 my life has radically changed. Instantly as I walked through the front doors at 95 Mt Eden road I felt God say “You’re home, you’re home, you’re home”. The first night I came, I can’t remember who was speaking or what they spoke on, but I was compelled by the presence of God to make a decision and recommit my life to Jesus. From the moment I lifted my hand I knew I was never going to be the same again.

At the time I was working in the banking industry, running a successful team, while at the same time playing rugby and trialling for North Harbour basketball. I vividly remember God prompting me to choose, was it going to be sport or Him, as the Harbour trails were on at the same time as LIFE’s 6pm service. What I could see around me, the people, the feeling of home and family, the incredible power and presence of God… my potential basketball pathway couldn’t compare. So the choice was made.

From then I began to invest who I was and what I had into LIFE, whether it was setting up chairs, being on pack down teams, being a part of a group, eventually becoming a youth leader, giving up every Tuesday & Friday to invest into youth, doing a bread run into Uni Hostels on Thursday nights for Young Adults, being on the midweek creative team, serving at conferences, committing financially to tithe and be a part of the annual offerings. How could I not? This was home! This place had changed my life!

While I was serving at one of our conferences, The Pursuit of Excellence (now LIFE Conference), I got to sit in on a Ps Tommy Barnett session, I can’t recall what he said, but in those 5mins that I was able to sit in for, I heard God speak and call me into ministry life. Something I said I’d never do!! There’s no way I EVER wanted to be a Pastor. Funny how God works like that sometimes.

Just three short months later I was on staff in the youth & young adults department at LIFE as the event coordinator. Giving up my career and income to chase after the purpose and plan God had for my life. 11 years later I can look back, through the highs and lows, and say that coming to LIFE was one of the greatest decisions I had ever made. I found home, I found family, I found purpose, I found a wife, I found friends, and a place to invest all of who I am to impact and change a generation with the reality of Jesus.

I know without a doubt God has positioned me here for such a time as this, to live and leave a Legacy for those to come. For the lost and broken to find hope and healing. To seed into something that will have eternal value, building God’s house so that our children’s children can flourish in all God has for them. Can I encourage you, that your seed matters! If it hadn’t been for the investment of those before me I wouldn’t be who I am, and where I am today. I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to impact thousands of lives for Jesus.

Legacy is something we can all play our part in, whether we think our part is too little to matter or not, it’s with all of us joining together, partnering in what God has positioned this house, LIFE, to do, that we will see lives truly changed. As Ps Paul once said, if we do what God asks us to do, we’ll have what God wants us to have.

Bradden (B-rad) du Jary
Kingdom Events Director

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