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No matter what our part is or where we play it, it’s all about them. Others. People beyond us.

In our Leadership Group this week, one of the 2nd Year LIFE Leadership College students asked the rest of us to describe “legacy” in one word. The response were varied.





That was one of my favourites. No matter what our part is or where we play it, it’s all about them. Others. People beyond us.

I often tell people I have the best job on the planet. I actually believe that. As Student Dean, my job is to run the day-to-day of our College to see students from all walks of life trained, equipped and released into lives of significant influence.

The photo above is another of our 2nd Years, Tindall. Every month, at our Heart + Soul nights, we honour leaders. For the month of May, we asked people within our church to send in their nominations. So many came through for Tindall. What you need to understand is this: it wasn’t for the 30ish hours he spends in classes, practicum and Sunday services as part of his College development. This was for his Group and conference leadership on top of that. Did I mention he and his amazing wife also have 6 kids?

This was my favourite comment:
I mostly want to recognise that he started the west side LIFE group… and now the group is about 20 plus members and growing. We not only church together but we do life together now. And every time we meet, Tindall and his wife go out of their way to plan and organise activities and social events for us. I will never forget when Tindall told us “at LIFE we strive for excellence in everything we do ...because our God is excellent”

That’s it. Our God is supremely excellent at seeing our potential and lifting us beyond what we thought possible. We get to do the same: spend ourselves in the pursuit of investing in others so THEY can do the same to others. It’s discipleship. It’s grass-roots revolution. It’s revival.

When it comes to Legacy, LIFE Leadership College doesn’t receive any funding from our offering. However, the offering opens doors for greater influence with our Kids and Youth ministries, for the expansion of our conferences, for opportunities to serve in the community and so much more. It makes a way for more students to develop their heart and gift to help them.

Ben Mays
Student Dean
LIFE Leadership College

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