Time Travel is Overrated - Ben Mays


Every day is an opportunity for our “small” words and actions to change the future

When film historians look back on this time in history, I think one common thread will stand out: we were obsessed with superheroes. Sure – Batman, Spiderman and Superman have been appearing in films for several decades now. However, when multiple films are made about a guy who can shrink himself and communicate with ants (you know who you are), I think we’ve reached fever pitch.

It also prompts serious reflection on what my preferred superpower would be. My answer for most of my life has been flight. It removes the irrational fear of falling off a building, it would provide great views and Auckland traffic would never need to be a problem again. Then again, teleportation would really save on airfares.

This brings me to a less discussed superpower: time travel. Of all the superpowers, this one might have the most ethical hang-ups. What if you could change the past? How would you know if the change you made would be beneficial or lead to a greater disaster?

Then I came across this quote, attributed to a Tumblr user named just-shower-thoughts:

When people talk about travelling to the past, they worry about radically changing the present by doing something small, but barely anyone in the present really thinks they can radically change the future by doing something small.

Mic drop. What a thought. Forget wasting superpowers on time travel. Every day is an opportunity for our “small” words and actions to change the future for the better. This is God’s extravagantly and wonderfully overwhelming plan for our lives. We don’t just have to get by. We can see cities and nations changed, lives influenced, justice and freedom upheld and so much more.

During a recent LIFE Leadership College chapel, one of our 2nd Year students, Moe, shared this thought:

God’s purpose for our lives is far greater than our own personal fulfilment, peace of mind and even our happiness. It will last longer than our families, our ministries and even our dreams. To know why we were placed on this planet, we have to begin with God… You were born by His purpose and for His purpose.

I’ve come to realise anything of worth in this life requires intentionality and sacrifice. If I want to have a memorable holiday, I need to plan it and start saving. If I want to continue to see our College students become world-class leaders and influencers, I need God-breathed strategy and efficient time management. And if I want my church to be a place that changes the course of human history, it’s going to take more than a few token coins.

So, I’m not that interested in time travel. By sowing in today, I can determine the future for others.

Ben Mays
LIFE Leadership College Dean

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