Q&A with Andrew Lall – Legacy, Seeding and Financial Leadership


...it is not people with lots of money who give but people who are surrendered.

1.     What is your life story in coming to salvation and a relationship with Jesus?

I was brought up in a Non-Christian family but knew about JESUS through a close mate from the age of 6.  In my late teens I realised there had to be more to life, so decided to leave home at 18yrs old and move to NZ.  Initially my desire to accept JESUS was so I could see the miracles He did in people’s lives – in hindsight this was really a selfish motive.  I got baptised at the age of 19 and was on my way to the city of sails.

I knew no one here and soon realised that I couldn’t do it alone.  I soon discovered that my reality was far from my expectation, I found myself with just enough money to pay a week’s rent and no job for about 2 months.  It made me wonder about this GOD who I had heard about, who I knew was a miracle worker and blessed His children yet that was far from my current situation. Through this experience God humbled me and I accepted a job as a dishwasher while studying IT.

11 years later I realise that GOD had a plan, every step of the way, in the deepest valley and on the highest mountain top He was always teaching me.

2.     What has your journey been in coming to a revelation in the importance of tithing?

Our answer was found in Luke 16:10 - "Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much”.  When I look back today and wonder why GOD would bless us, it is because we were faithful with the little, That God could trust us with much.  The revelation also that takes me back to the garden that GOD gave Adam and Eve.  The whole garden except the one tree was at their disposal, similarly I get to keep the entire 90% and return the 10% that belongs to GOD.  I personally would rather have a blessed 90% rather than a cursed 100%.  When you come from nothing and are blessed with more than enough it is only possible through the grace of GOD.  I have learnt that it is not people with lots of money who give but people who are surrendered.  That tithing is an act of worship and I get to put GOD sovereign over our finances by surrendering the 10% that belongs to him.

3.     Likewise, how did God lead you in the area of giving or seeding for the future?

Seeding for me is a legacy that we will leave for those we will never meet that goes beyond our children’s children.  Seeding will create a pathway for people to encounter the same love, grace and mercy we did!  It is the revelation that the seed is what unlocks the blessing, or in other words you cannot reap a harvest without first sowing the seed.  GOD has multiplied our finances since we started seeding to the point of overflow we couldn’t fathom.

4.     How has God spoken to you or lead you in the area of finances?  How do you seek and hear from God in your giving?

That all HE needs is our unqualified YES.  The fact that you could have a lot of money or none and it can still have you.  So, by surrendering it to GOD and trusting Him I release the spirit of mammon over my life, that I cannot serve 2 masters but one.  We always ask for the leading of the Holy Spirit and follow through.

5.     How has your faith, trust and relationship with God changed over this time?

When you see GOD’s work at hand in your finances it takes your faith to a whole new level and we have personally experienced that.  That faith overflows into other areas and stirs you to encourage those around you and is contagious.

Knowing that God’s plan is perfect and being able to stand on His promises has also encouraged us.  His word says He created us to be fruitful to multiply and to have dominion; this is God’s command on our life.  There have been times where we have had to wait a bit longer for our miracle only to realise GOD was working behind the scenes all through.

6.     What would you say to others who are wrestling with stepping out in faith in the area of finances, giving and sowing?

Malachi 3:10 is the only place in the bible where GOD challenges you to TEST him, so my question is what is stopping you?  The GOD that created the earth and all its creation– HE who is all powerful, all knowing, all seeing. He literally breathed life into creation – He is offering you to test him and yet we doubt Him?  God is faithful and His word never comes back void.  There are many verses in the bible that talk about GODs provision like the birds of sky who do not worry about food yet how much more does He love His children.  God will bless you with all sufficiency, so by honouring God with our tithes we not only put Him sovereign but are also opening the doors for us to be blessed but also to be a blessing.

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