A Man On Purpose For God - Adrian


in God I am everything he designed me to be

Today would mark approx. 15 years since I made the decision to have Jesus as the center of my life, at the age of 23 I walked into our church (which was known as Monee Valley Christian Church at the time) and realised that there so was so much more that God has called me to be. Most of my life prior to church was full of fun, hard work, travel and good times. I grew up in a loving family but for some reason I always found myself associating in places that would make me feel accepted. I had a great reputation as the guy to go to if you want to get something done and I liked this because it made me feel good. I’d look for the opportunity at all cost to get my next round of acceptance, the problem though, it was only ever short lived until I found the next opportunity to fill the void.  Through the encouragement of many individuals in our church family, God’s word and plenty of prayer, it helped me to realise that in God I am everything he designed me to be and that I no longer needed to be validated by the tasks or titles I carry but to be a man on purpose for God.

LIFE is our church and a vision we carry as a family because we know that it represents the heart of God. I love that as a church we are all about a heart connection. There is never an expectation to do things out of a legalism or a religious spirit but more about a compelling heart desire to want to please God in everything we do. We love the four focuses that we have as a church and the fact that ¾ of them are beyond the four walls of the church. Our vision to build and empower other churches through our kingdom focus, our reach and influence into community and my favorite one our desire to see business people & professionals championed and activated to be influencers and seed carriers for the kingdom.

All my life I felt I've been called to business. I’ve always loved entrepreneurship and I love the challenge of creating something out of nothing. About 8 years ago we decided that we would start a business; one that would be founded in the principals of God. We didn’t feel that God had called us to be ordinary, but to be seed generators for the Kingdom and influencers into the business world. Business has not always been easy for us. The truth is that it's only in the last 18 months that we have started to see a bit of financial return from all the years of hard work. However, since day one we’ve always made giving to God our priority. We knew it would start with something small and I truly believe that it was in these small things that God is now trusting us with more. We have seen unprecedented favor and miracles in our business that can only be attributed to God. As a family Legacy time is something we hold in high regard. We want to be part of building a church and laying a foundation that the generations can build upon. We know that we may never see the fruit of the seeds we sow but we are confident that it is laying the foundations for the generations to come and that is why we are always looking for opportunities for God to stretch us so we can do more.

Finance Manager
LIFE Melbourne

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