My Ministry Moments - Rose Urbahn


I plant the seed and God will make it rain.

Anything can be made into your ministry. One of the reasons I love doing what I do is that I get to wake up every day and choose to use it as my ministry. LIFE’s faith-focused environment is like no other. I work in the HR team at LIFE which isn’t the conventional ministry role within the church. Within my day-to-day job, my ministry is that I get to equip and encourage others in their roles. When people are productive in their positions, the effects ripple out to the church. I get to assist wherever they need and ensure that their time on staff is valuable and enjoyable. However, my ministry goes far beyond the four walls of my office. I can have ministry moments anywhere.

When you meet someone new, one of the first questions you are often asked is “So, what do you do?” That right there is my moment to minister.

This is my moment to plant a seed in someone’s world for him or her to ponder, to dwell on and to digest in his or her spirit. My motive is not necessarily to get them saved at that exact moment. It is to start the conversation, get their thoughts rolling, provoke any questions they may have and be confident in whether or not I know the answer. The difference between the world and me as a Christian is that I have a faith that is unshaken even if I do not know the answer to every question, because I am confident in the fact that My God does.

I am a big believer in that if I do the good work, God will do the great work. I plant the seed and God will make it rain.   

It is because of all the people who believed in LIFE as an organisation and invested into its Legacy that I get to do what I do. I get to turn my ordinary job into my extraordinary ministry. In every moment, the mundane or the ministry, I am a seed carrier leaving a legacy behind.

Rose Urbahn
Human Resource Administrator



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