Carved Into History - Sonja Bartschi


my prayers will forever be carved into the history of LIFE

I’ve always been an advocate and celebrator of teamwork. I love collaboration, gleaning from different strengths and wisdom people have. These are things I can easily take for granted in the flurries of life and never ending demands. I’m conscious I need to take time to reach out, connect and work together so I don’t become siloed in the busyness of life. To me ‘Legacy’ lives and breathes togetherness, I love having a common goal. It’s an opportunity for me to partner with others to see a vision, a dream take shape. It’s much more than 3 weeks of the year or an inspirational sermon. It carries a constant commitment in my peripheral to practically sow and spiritually pray into. ‘Legacy’ creates a shared responsibility, something we have ownership of – it’s not just Ps Paul and Maree’s baby it’s ours, we’re each responsible to insure it has what it needs to grow, to develop and to ultimately have a lasting effect.

Personally I had the privilege of being impacted by LIFE 12 years ago in the church I grew up in – through our conferences, being one of the key projects ‘Legacy’ supports; Sistas and previously our youth conference ‘Get Smart’. I remember being inspired and refreshed each time I came into the LIFE environment. Many of the people who gave into the vision of LIFE back then haven’t met me, or would never have known what it meant and still means to me today. Legacy has incredible potential, it can be small at first, almost like a seed in my hand, ineffective unless released and planted. It was important for me to understand it possibilities will always stay in the seed if it remains unplanted. We often have no idea what the seed is growing or the future it holds, but I guess I’m learning more and more that’s what faith is often all about. I’m thankful for a community of people who believed in the future me 12 years ago not knowing the full picture for the seed they were investing, but trusting none the less. Legacy inspires me with a big vision that I could never accomplish by myself. But through ‘Legacy’ my little contribution, my prayers will forever be carved into the history of LIFE and the impact Jesus is having in our city and beyond. I don’t want a Legacy that dies with me, I dream to have a portion of my legacy scattered in places I’ll never walk on with my feet, see with my eyes or in people I’ll never meet.

Sonja Bartschi
Personal Assistant to Ps Maree de Jong

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