Individual God-Moments - Bradden du Jary


“maybe this conversation is the very reason God brought me to this conference”

As the Kingdom Events Director at LIFE, I have the extreme privilege of heading up conferences, global impact (overseas missions), and pastors events. I love at LIFE how we are committed to impacting lives beyond the four walls of our church buildings. Having the ability to partner, impact and inspire people and churches from around the globe to live out the call of God is something truly special.

Could we be a church that see’s over 10,000 people attending our conferences, impacting over 1,000 churches both nationally and internationally by 2020? I 100% believe we can and will, and this will just be the beginning of what we'll do through this ministry area of LIFE.

This year alone at LIFE Conference I was blown away with the incredible investment from our people, with over 800 people from LIFE being on team to help make it happen. Seeing us expand from one Conference to 3-in-1 with the addition of Kids and Youth has been a dream of mine for a long time, to see us truly have a generational impact has been something special to be a part of.

I remember one day, in the busyness of running LC18, pausing to have a conversation with a young pastor from another church. As we talked there became a depth to our conversation. I’ll never forget him saying “maybe this conversation is the very reason God brought me to this conference”. And that is just one story of among hundreds, if not thousands, of similar stories that could be told from our teams over the years of running conferences. Just the individual God-moments that have taken place because LIFE has chosen to put on events that would see the wider church impacted with the reality of Jesus.

In 2015 I had the privilege of taking a youth team to Cambodia, to partner with what New Life Church Cambodia is doing.  We were able to head into schools to teach English and help run after school programs which then led into youth services. We got to help run a youth summer camp out in the provinces and see numbers of salvations, healings and freedom come to the young generation of Cambodia. As I sit and write this tears come to my eyes, why? I think it’s because being a part of a missions team is living out the great commission, to go out into all the world and preach the good news.

Both in the city and provinces we were able to run Pastors' training days, communicating and connecting for hours, sharing strategies on how to reach and impact people for Jesus. How to raise leaders and build impacting ministries. What LIFE gets to do abroad is having a significant impact.

The reality is, we wouldn’t be able to have this level of impact through our Kingdom events and missions if it wasn’t for Legacy.  The faithfulness of those planted at LIFE, committing to financially partner with what God is doing here, allows us to reach far beyond our own Campuses.

My prayer for you, that as you read this, you’d be encouraged and inspired with what God is doing in and through LIFE, to take time to pray and hear from God with how you can partner with Legacy. No matter how big or small it may be, if we all do what God asks us to do, we’ll see something significant take place in the life of this church. A modern day bible story coming to life that will be talked about for generations to come. Your seed matters

Bradden (B-rad) du Jary
Kingdom Events Director

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