Legacy Devotional: Day 7

Solomon’s Temple: A Place of Generations

David was a man who recognised the power of generational legacy. Although he knew that God had decreed the Temple was to be built by his son Solomon, he wanted to set up his son for a win.

We are told that David made “extensive preparations” for the Temple before he died, collecting gold, silver, bronze, iron, cedar, and stone in vast quantities, as well as recruiting and gathering skilled workers. In fact, we are told that there was such a huge amount of bronze and cedar that it could not be weighed or counted.

When Solomon ascended the throne, he inherited a kingdom that was at peace and prosperous. His father gave him plans for the building of the Temple and the division of the work once the Temple was built, precise specifications, and wise advice. He also went beyond this and ensured that Solomon would be supported in this work by the leaders of Israel.

As a result of generational legacy, Solomon was equipped and resourced in every way possible to complete his God-given purpose. This is the nature of God’s kingdom as well: each generation is positioned to pour into the next generation. The spiritual territory that we take back today can be stewarded and passed on to the next generation.

As a people living in the legacy of Jesus’ death and resurrection, we are told that there will be no end to the increase of His government and peace (Isaiah 9:7). The question we must ask ourselves is whether we are preparing ourselves and the next generation for this increase.



“Isn’t it obvious that your God is present with you; that he has given you peaceful relations with everyone around? My part in this was to put down the enemies, subdue the land to God and his people; your part is to give yourselves, heart and soul, to praying to your God. So get moving—build the sacred house of worship to God!” - 1 Chronicles 22:18-19, MSG

Key Passages: 1 Chronicles 22:2-6, 22:14-19, 28:11-18